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Soup of the day                 cup $3.25 bowl $4.50

French Onion Soup                                     $6.00

              with East Hill Creamery Silver Lake gruyere

Shrimp Cocktail                                          $10.95

Fried Ravioli                                                 $7.95

              marinara sauce

Applewood Smoked Trout $11.95

horseradish dill sour cream, red onion

Danish Brie $11.50

mixed berry sauce, crackers

Chicken Teriyaki Potstickers $9.95

deep fried. sesame ginger soy sauce

Mushroom Caps $9.95

seafood stuffing , hollandaise

Artichokes French $10.95

Onion Petals $8.95

deep fried, Cajun sour cream


Small Plates

Sweet Heat Pizza                                                      $11.95

                 marinara, sausage, hot cherry

                 peppers, mozzarella, parmesan

Veggie Pizza                                                             $13.95

                 Kale pesto, mushroom medley, red onion,

                 East Hill Creamery Silver Lake gruyere

Southwest Quesadilla                                             $11.95

chicken, pepperjack, green onion, sour cream, corn and black bean salsa

Steak Quesadilla $13.95

steak, cheddar, onion, bell pepper, sour cream, salsa

Grilled Chicken Wings (5)$8.95  (10)$14.95

gochujang, scallions, bleu cheese

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings (5)$8.95 (10)$14.95

garlic parmesan, bleu cheese

Mediterranean Plate $14.95

roasted red pepper garlic hummus, tzatziki,

pita triangles, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, dolmades, marinated olives, artichoke hearts and feta



Salmon Salad     $14.95

poached salmon, capers, leeks, romaine, tomato wedges, cucumber, dill vinaigrette


Spinach Salad     $11.95

bacon, tomato, egg, croutons, baby portabella, hot bacon dressing

Chicken $14.95 Salmon $15.95 Shrimp $15.95 Steak $16.95


New York State Salad     $11.95

Cuba Cheddar, apples, sunflower seeds, mesclun, warm concord grape dressing

Chicken $14.95 Salmon $15.95 Shrimp $15.95 Steak $16.95


Tomato Mozzarella Salad    $11.95

sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, red onions, mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette


Cobb Salad $13.95

chicken, bacon, avocado, egg, leaf lettuce, Cuba cheddar, ranch dressing


Summer Fruit Plate   $12.50

fresh fruit, morning glory muffin, yogurt

Cold Sandwiches

served with deli salad of the day or New York State chips

Turkey BLT                                                 $11.95

turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, ciabatta hoagie

Vegetable Pita                                           $10.95

spinach, marinated mushrooms, black olives, feta, tomatoes, mixed greens, garlic pimiento hummus, whole wheat pita

Upstate New York Sandwich                           $12.50                                             ham , apple, Cuba cheddar, watercress, honey mustard, toasted          multi grain bread

Tuna Croissant $12.50                                                albacore tuna salad, lettuce, tomato, buttery croissant


Hot Sandwiches ~ served with French fries or New York State chips and dill pickle

Glen Iris Burger                                 $11.95                                     Gluten Free          $12.95

lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise,  Cuba extra sharp cheddar, brioche roll

Cajun Burger                                      $12.95                                    

pepperjack, onion petals, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Cajun mayo, brioche roll

Vegetable Burger $12.95 Gluten Free $13.95

carmelized onions, mushrooms, lentils, egg, cornmeal, herbs, Cuba extra sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, brioche rolls

Monte Cristo $11.95

turkey, ham, swiss, Supreme sauce, cranberry relish

Reuben $11.95

corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss, Thousand Island, marbled rye

Prime Rib Sandwich $14.50

shaved prime rib, mushrooms, peppers, onions, provolone cheese, Cajun cream sauce, ciabatta hoagie

BBQ Pork $12.50

pulled pork, Coca Cola BBQ sauce, country coleslaw, brioche rolls


Pot Roast     $14.50

mushroom brown sauce, potato & vegetable of the day

Angel in  Heaven     $11.95               GF $12.95

prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, pinenuts, spinach, green onions, garlic, olive oil, angel hair pasta

Salmon Fillet     $14.95

mesclun, citrus mayonnaise, potato & vegetable of the day

Chicken Fricassee     $11.95

buttermilk biscuits, garnished with peas and carrots

Chef’s Omelet of the Day     $11.95

English muffin, fresh fruit cup

Cajun Catfish   $13.95

pineapple jalapeno salsa

Chicken Mac & Cheese  $13.95

Grilled chicken, broccoli, bacon